Few Tools You Need To Buy For Carrying Out Any Diy Project At Home


Many of you may be interested to do different kinds of DIY projects at home to either fix some item or remodel your bathroom or kitchen. It is always not necessary that you call any professional for a simple job and pay the service charges. Few small projects can be taken up by you if you have few necessary tools available with you.

However, it is not necessary that you need to buy the whole set of tools that you create a total tool room shop at home. You can always contact and take help from Nutty DIY in case you are stuck due to wanting of any special tool. However, the following few tools will be very useful to keep at your home.

Proper toolbox

There are the number of repair and maintenance activities that you may have to do if you own a house and hence you must have a proper toolbox that contains following important hand tools that you will always need for some small work.

  • Screwdriver set including plus screwdriver of different sizes
  • Nose pliers
  • Cutters
  • Wrench
  • Spanner-set
  • Hammer set
  • Knife set
  • Scale
  • Measuring tape
  • Hand saw
  • Metal cutting saw
  • Torchlight
  • Lens
  • Digital multimeter
  • Solder iron
  • File set
  • Forceps

Extension ladder

This should be lightweight and folding type so that you can easily carry to the different place. This will allow you to access items at different heights comfortably. It is better than using stools that people often use.

Drilling machine

The drilling machine is the very essential tool to drill holes as it may be useful for either drilling holes or fixing any items. You must also have drill bit sets of various diameters so that you can create holes of various sizes.


The vise is a very important tool to hold any item securely. It can work as an additional hand for you if you want to drill on any metal object, cutting any object or filing any metal piece.


If there is plenty of snowfall around your place during winter days then you need to clean the path so that you can drive your car or walk properly. Keeping a shovel will be very essential in such case.

Electrical tape

If you have to fix any electrical wiring then these insulation tapes are very useful for covering the naked wires of the electrical wires.

Water pipe

There are standard 100 feet size pipes available, which is very useful in transferring water from one location to others that may be required for many different DIY projects.

Vacuum cleaner or blower

This is extremely useful for cleaning dust from any electrical or Electronic appliances like computers, TVs etc.

Protecting cover

Protecting covers may be necessary to cover any item from the rain. If your DIY project is carried out outside your house then covering it will be necessary.


You may need to join certain items by using proper glue and therefore keeping glue like Araldite will be very handy for any kind of small DIY project.

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