Domestic Heating Guidance: What Is an Air Source Heat Pump and Why Is It Becoming So Prominent Nowadays?


In stark contrast to customary ground source heat pumps, a modernised air source heat pump (ASHP) derives its heating capabilities from the external air around your home, much like how a refrigerator’s internal mechanism removes heat from its interior.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, ASHP appliances can obtain heat from extremely cold air – researchers have found that the functionality of an ASHP will not subside even in environments that have dropped to a bone-chilling -15° C.

Sustainable, Economical Heating for Any Kind of Property

If you partner with one of the affordable air source heat pumps suppliers in Yorkshire, you’ll be able to revolutionise the way you power your radiators, underfoot heaters, convectors, and water warming devices, thanks to the following features:

  • When compared side-by-side with electrical heaters, ground source heat pumps, and fuel-operated utilities, a modernised ASHP can save even the smallest household upwards of £550 per annum on energy payments.
  • ASHP appliances have a median operational lifespan of two decades, and they are practically maintenance-free. All they need is a single yearly check-up by a technician.
  • There are no subterranean coils or multifarious machinery, which means that ASHP mechanisms can be seamlessly implemented into virtually any type of home.

Mother Nature will also thank you as well, because ASHPs can cut in half the CO2 pollution emitted by conventional heating appliances.

It Pays to Install an Air Source Heat Pump

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets will actually send homeowners money for nearly a decade if they make the shift from fuel-based heating to an energy efficient ASHP. Your local installation company will help you obtain the necessary certificates after the implementation, so be sure to visit their website before the colder winter months arrive.

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